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8 reasons I love to write shortform

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1. Staying in the habit of writing every day

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle to write a long post (700+ words let’s say) every day. Shortform is a handy way to sidestep that.

2. Views and earnings

You might not know it…

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and I have doubled my views in the last two weeks

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I’m an editor for two publications. Thoughts and Ideas and The Shortform. In total, that’s 23,000 followers. Dozens of drafts each day.

A feature request for Medium

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If you’re a paying Medium member or even used the referral link* to sign up for Medium, you have already helped your favorite writer a lot. They get paid for your reading time and/or with a cut of the referral. That’s step number one. …

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Foto von cottonbro von Pexels

How, why, full-time income on Medium, and all the small print

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1000 views on a single story is a great first milestone to work towards. Crossing that the first time was a huge thing for me. I celebrated it like there was no tomorrow. The same happened when I crossed 10,000 views on a story for the…

Medium gets rid of topics in favor of tags. That’s not a coincidence.

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A bigger move

There’s a bigger move I’m expecting to happen pretty soon. One that relies on this change from topics to tags.


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