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Words in Start it up, Better Humans, Better Marketing, Curious, PGSG, PS I Love You, Geek Culture, Illumination & more. Top Writer. Connect with me:


  • Davison Ng'andu

    Davison Ng'andu

  • Emily Davalos

    Emily Davalos

    Working at the intersection of community, education & economic opportunity. | Partner @ Friday.

  • Tserennadmid Batjargal

    Tserennadmid Batjargal

  • Rebecca


    I’m 29, and live in the UK. Trying to make it as an artist in both traditional painting and writing in 2021. Dreaming of writing fiction and painting forever.

  • Sofía Cáffaro

    Sofía Cáffaro

    Feeling / graphic designer / ux designer / art director /

  • Jung-hsuan Hsu(AMA)

    Jung-hsuan Hsu(AMA)

    為調整生活方式、多讀點課外書而踏上Gap year之路的醫學系畢業生。如果死是每個人必經的終點,希望能盡力明瞭世界的運作模式。人生旅途的目標是堅持做自己的粉絲。

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