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  • Hudson Rennie

    Hudson Rennie

    I write about living happier and healthier. I hope you fall in love with my words. 🙋‍♂️🪴Get your Free Journaling Guide: https://bit.ly/3DFJGM

  • Nancy Blackman

    Nancy Blackman

    5X Top Writer. Editor: The Shortform and CRY Magazine. Owner: Refresh the Soul. Published in “Mixed Korean: Our Stories.” https://www.325kamra.org/buy.

  • Patricia Haddock

    Patricia Haddock

    Writer, editor, coach helping people move from where they are to where they want to be. Find me at Mind Cafe, Illumination, Coffee Times. & pat@phaddock.com.

  • Janet Meisel

    Janet Meisel

    Writer, poet, artist. Doggist. Ex-teacher and still learning about life. Owner of The Trumpet pub. https://medium.com/@janet.meisel

  • Josie P. Julius

    Josie P. Julius

    MD by education, photographer and nature lover in spirit. I address physical and #mental health, family and inspiration. Writer of #humor to #poetry and memoir.

  • Andy Spears

    Andy Spears

    Writer and policy advocate living in Nashville, TN —Public Policy Ph.D. — writes on education policy, consumer affairs, and more . . .

  • Mike Lewis

    Mike Lewis

    8X Top Writer, Traveler, Tea Drinker, Cat Lover. Editor of https://medium.com/build-your-wealth

  • Sally Prag

    Sally Prag

    Wilfully niche-less, playfully word-weaving. 6x Top Writer. Writing on mindfulness, life’s lessons, travel, parenting, and more. Not always seriously.

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