My Most Popular Stories in April 2021

I cracked the 100$ barrier and got the 1st bonus

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April was awesome. My second full month here helped me crack the 100$ mark and get the 500$ bonus at the end. It was a month of fewer written stories for me. I had many other things on my plate.

My 10 most popular stories of April 2021 came in publications like Illumination, Feedium, Geek Culture, Mac O’Clock, and my own publication “Restyle”. I also self-published a few stories, since my follower count has climbed steadily to over 1500 wonderful people.

  1. If You Think the New iMac Is Ugly, You’re in Luck

2. If I Only Owned One Pair of Pants Here’s What I’d Get

3. These Tags Are Seriously Trending On Medium 2021

4. How I’m Busting My Butt Off Working 50+ Hours a Week, Earning 3K a Month

5. 5 Important Things to Do When Starting On Medium

6. Why YOU Should Be Writing on Medium Right Now (2021)

7. You Won’t Make It As a Blogger If You Don’t Do This

8. You’re Probably Neglecting These 5 Grooming Tips

9. Why Does HTML Still Not Offer This Feature Natively

10. My First Two Months Writing On Medium

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