My Most Popular Stories in May 2021

1800 followers and another bonus

I published quite a few stories in May 2021. Within May, my follower count went up to 1800 amazing people. I still can’t really believe that. I got the opportunity to publish in one of the greatest publications “Better Humans”.

I wrote for “Illumination-curated” the first time, “Change your Mind, Change your Life” and “In Fitness and In Health” were first times as well. I was featured in Feedium, Curious, and Mac O’Clock again. And I was appointed the new editor of the 23K+ follower publication “Thoughts and Ideas”. At the end of May, the second bonus came in.

Here are my 10 most popular stories of May 2021.

  1. I Keep a List of All the Clothes I Own

2. 5 Top Writers in 10 Seriously Trending Tags on Medium

3. 5 Pro Tips for Medium Beginners (2021)

4. 4 Quick Tips for Sustainable Living (With Children)

5. Apple Is Secretly Building a Social Media Network

6. Top 5 Most Popular Websites 1995–2005

7. I “Accidently” Gained An Email List With 600+ Members in 4 Months

8. The 3 M-Words I Try to Live by in My 30s

9. My Unexpected Favorite 3 Indoor Exercises

10. How Nutrition Science (Mis)Leads to Dietary Advice, and the 20% Madness.

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